Saturday, March 23, 2019

Here Is The Portable USB Drive You Want

WD My Passport Ultra 2TB Portable External Hard Drivewestern-digital-my-passport-ultra-usb-drive

There are many portable USB drives for sale, and I get questions about which to buy all the time. Here is my specific recommendation for an external USB hard drive and WHY to buy this one (WD My Passport Ultra).

Most people just look at SIZE and PRICE but ignore the really important issues!

Recently my sister-in-law needed a backup hard drive for her pictures. This is the model I bought for here…

Here is Why

Ok, size and color is up to you… This drive comes in multiple sizes and a few colors. Choose what’s appropriate size-wise and your preference on color. I chose the 2TB model for her because she needed 1/2TB and 2TB was comfortably larger and not much more money than the 1TB.

Notice the order I put these benefits in:

  • Quality: Western Digital is a good quality. Cheap does you no good if you buy a junk drive that fails on you when you try to retrieve your data!
  • Warranty: Check it out, this drive has a 3 year warranty vs 1 year on most others. THIS IS IMPORTANT for more than just getting a drive fixed if it goes bad. Typically a manufacturer will only offer a longer warranty when they have MORE CONFIDENCE in the product. So, do you want their drive with 1 year warranty or 3 year? It’s only a couple bucks more – FOR THE ADDED QUALITY.
  • USB Powered: This drive only needs the 1 cable; USB. There is no power cord, NO stupid POWER BRICK, it’s clean and convenient. This helps eliminate clutter and makes the drive much more portable.
  • USB 2 or 3: Works on older PC’s, blazing fast on newer ones with the (blue) USB 3 connector.
  • Small: 2TB (or 3TB) in a very small package…nice.
  • Encryption: Not a big deal for most people, but 256-bit AES hardware encryption is there if you want it. Considering this is a portable drive, you might consider it.
This drive was under $100, that’s an amazing deal.
Even if your PC is only USB 2.0 and not 3.0, it will still work, as noted above.
So if you are looking for a high quality portable USB drive, take a good look at this Western Digital My Passport drive.



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