Saturday, March 23, 2019
color-skewed-pic-bad-ip-camera Squirrelly, but usable

Making Use Of Worn Out Network Camera

Call me a packrat, but I hate to throw anything away that might have a use, including an old Axis M1031W IP Camera whose color image is skewed out of whack.

As you can see in the image above it’s not only a lower resolution camera from days gone by but it could end up being pretty tough to ID a bad guy from the image.

It had been sitting on the shelf for some time after replacing it with the Foscam R2 Network IP Camera we reviewed here.

One day I was about a block down the road, deep in thought, and couldn’t remember if I closed the garage door. Now, I will admit, there have been times I actually turned around or just threw it in reverse depending on how far away I was just to double check.

Then it hit me…

I’ve got that old Axis WiFi IP Camera with the bad image that’s still good enough to show me if the garage door is closed or not, right?

what-to-do-with-bad-image-ip-camera All that’s left to do is maybe tidy up the cord back into the corner

All I had to do is find a couple of small screws, edit the configuration for the new IP Address and to shut off the LED (doesn’t burn much juice but why not save a penny here or there?) and add the camera in my tinyCam PRO Android app.

You can see I have the camera mounted “upside down”. With most of these cameras there is a configuration option to “flip the image”. Well, with this particular Axis camera, I didn’t even need to do that, just rotate it around on the mount.

Network cameras have been a passion of mine for many years now, and while I started out with Axis because I thought they were the “go to” name that would mean quality, I never found them to be up to speed security wise, image wise and over priced besides.

Later on I found that they didn’t last all that long for the price, either.

Nonetheless, I use what I’ve got while it does the job then evaluate what’s on the market when I have a new need. is still the go-to for buying network (IP) security cameras and getting the best price, fast delivery, and great service (like when a WiFi camera comes missing the antenna!). Verified user reviews are your best friend.

Check out IP Security Cameras at


foscam-r2-wifi-nightvision-ip-camera Foscam R2

Replacing Our TrendNet WiFi NightVision IP Security Cameras With Foscam

Previously we have been quite happy with TrendNet IP cameras and especially those equipped with nightvision, pan-tilt-zoom (ptz) features and a price range of $100 plus or minus.

We have no idea what happened but from scouring the Trendnet website and we can find no indication that TrendNet is even trying to serve that market anymore.

Some folks thing companies like Ring are taking over but with multiple disclosures that Ring is not so careful with your data (just for instance) – in this case VIDEO of your HOME, FAMILY, PETS, POSSESSIONS… Maybe Ring customers ought to have second thoughts.

Yeah, yeah, we know. The up & coming generations (who have no idea who George Orwell was or read “1984”) don’t care about privacy. Let’s hope they never have reason to, but that’s not where my money is!

Foscam Was Not Our First Pick Before

In the past Foscam was not our first pick as Amazon reviews on their products were all over the board. Our Android IP camera app (we don’t use the manufacturer apps because they suck and we have more than one brand camera) supports Foscam and has for some time so we thought we would look again after learning TrendNet abandoned this slice of the market.

What we found was the Foscam R2 as prices around $50 – $60 in a small, compact package. Reviews are better than typical Foscam IP cameras in the past so we went ahead and ordered one.

Setting Up The Foscam IP Camera

Being nerds, we don’t use the factory setup wizard for our cameras. We simply want to get it connected to WiFi, though cable is always preferred whenever possible, assign a static IP address and make the basic configuration changes.

After that, we head to our router and program in the settings so we can access the camera from the internet and we’re ready to go.

There is always a glitch of some sort, however minor, and with this Foscam it was so minor I don’t remember what it was.

Anyway, it’s all setup and working well.

A Few Features We Use

For many of our IP Security Cameras we plug them in as needed an unplug them when they are not needed.

One pretty cool feature (that you can turn off) is a voice that tells you it’s starting up and announces connection to the network.

As these are “security” cameras it is disappointing that, like those AXIS cameras we bought before we found the much cheaper and more feature rich TrendNets and the early TrendNet cameras, the password is way too limited for our satisfaction. You can actually change the username which helps, but not being able to have a 30+ character complex password makes an IP security camera less secure than we think it should be.

And that’s even before one accounts for potential firmware vulnerabilities.

All-in-All, though, we are quite happy with the Foscam R2 and will continue to buy, evaluate and use Foscam IP Cameras so we have 24/7 remote viewing capability of our properties.

Check out the Foscam R2 at Amazon


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