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Deltran Battery Tender Junior Review (Video)

December 20, 2014

How To Charge UPS Battery, Security System I did this Deltran Battery Tender Junior review after buying one of these 12v battery chargers originally intended to maintain the charge on ATV or motorcycle batteries because I had a Yuasa 12v security system battery that I wanted to charge outside the system and then use to […]

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APC SURTA2200XL Online UPS Review (Video)

December 4, 2014

SURTA2200XL Online UPS Has Zero Switching Time We bought a new APC SURTA2200XL Online UPS to replace the 14 year old SU3000NET we had in the office since 2000. Since there are some important differences it seemed appropriate to do a video review of the new replacement. The SU3000NET was superceded by the SUA3000; but […]

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How To Restore Menu Bar In Adobe Acrobat (And ToolBars Too)

July 3, 2014

Restore ToolBars In Acrobat And Save Initial State A new credit card with a major Bank in America brought me some initial frustration when I went to download my statement and then use markups to help reconcile it. The Menu Bar in Adobe Acrobat was gone, and there were no toolbars either! Thinking it was […]

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How To Fix Java Your Security Settings Have Blocked A Self-Signed Application From Running

April 7, 2014

Java Application Won’t Run – Fix The other day I was trying to setup a VPS and the first step in getting it ready for Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) access required logging in with VNC. For a variety of reasons this VPS was already taking much more time to get setup than it should have […]

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mSATA SSD Upgrade In Dell XPS 8700 – Speed Up Your PC Easily

February 19, 2014

Mini SATA Install To Upgrade 32GB to 480GB In our post on the Dell XPS 8700 overview, including a video, I mentioned how we would upgrade the mSATA SSD on the motherboard from 32GB to a larger Solid State Drive that we could run everything from. The original Dell configuration (which was not done correctly…) […]

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Dell XPS 8700 Review and How To Save 20 Percent Buying A Dell PC

February 14, 2014

Raw Computing Power In A Compact Package Looking for a new, POWERFUL desktop computer? This Dell XPS 8700 has all of the latest toys with the ultimate in performance – and we can show you how to buy Dell computers at 20% off! When we buy a PC we buy one that will last a […]

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How To Save 15% On H&R Block Tax Software – Download or Online

January 18, 2014

Tax Preparation Made Easy, H&R Block Coupon Links Every year I use H&R Block Tax Software Download to do lots of tax returns having long ago switched from TurbTax. Lots more people use the online version, including the File Free Online method, which is fantastic if that works for you. Doing your taxes in 2014 […]

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Chrysler Minivan Headlight Restoration

January 14, 2014

Dramatic Improvement In Headlight Appearance And Light On The Road In my previous post on Ford F150 headlight restoration I made mention of the dramatic improvement in headlight lens restoration on Chrysler headlights that are clear like the minivans. Then I realized I never posted the pictures from that job! A couple of years ago […]

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Ford F150 Headlight Restoration The Easy Way – 3M Power Drill System

January 14, 2014

Clear Up, Remove Yellow From Older Headlights A mechanic told me about the 3M headlight restoration system that uses a power drill after a friends 10 year old car got 1 new headlight after hitting a deer. The older headlight was TOTALLY mismatched then due to the yellow and “crust” buildup. But then a day […]

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Brother DCP-7065DN Review – Laser Printer, Scanner, Copier

January 13, 2014

Cheap Laser Printer – Quality, Duplex, Networking, Scan, Copy Looking for a good quality, cheap laser printer that also scans and copies? The Brother DCP-7065DN multi-function monochrome laser printer was our choice for a client who needed to replace a 20 year old IBM ProPrinter laser printer, consolidate the photo copying and add scanning capability […]

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