Saturday, March 23, 2019

Youtuber Saves Over 26% On Dell With 1 Trick

My Better Than Dell Coupon Trick From 2014 Still Works!

save money buying dell

Dell Trick Works On ANY System You Configure

A youtuber named Dick contacted me a week ago to let me know that the secret he learned from my Dell XPS 8700 Review and how to save 20% video had netted him over 26% savings ($310) on his new system. (See image above).

I originally revealed this secret trick here.

Lots of people get good deals on Dell computers at CostCo or Sam’s or somewhere else online, but what if the system offered is not exactly what you want?

Tough luck, you take it or leave it.

Would you rather get the Dell of YOUR CHOICE and save 20%, maybe even 26%?

Watch this short video and see what system this guy got …

And watch this video for the secret

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