Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Chrysler Minivan Headlight Restoration

Dramatic Improvement In Headlight Appearance And Light On The Road

turtle wax lens restorer kit - hand sanding

Just Say No To Hand Sanding

In my previous post on Ford F150 headlight restoration I made mention of the dramatic improvement in headlight lens restoration on Chrysler headlights that are clear like the minivans.

Then I realized I never posted the pictures from that job!

A couple of years ago on a warm Summer’s evening I sweat out my first headlight restoration project on our old minivan with the Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorer kit (shown at left) that relied on the “arm-strong” method of sanding.

Not knowing how much to sand and getting really sick of hand sanding in the Summer humidity (yeah, cool of the evening, right?) I did not get it “down to the shine”, but it did make a great improvement in both appearance and light on the road.

But no one would have mistaken them for new headlights by any means.

Say NO To Hand Sanding, YES To Power Drill

As mentioned in that previous post, the 3M Headlight Restoration Kit uses a power drill instead of hand sanding. Not only can you perform the entire task probably without breaking a sweat but you will be done a lot quicker besides.

Chrysler Minivan Headlight Restoration Pictures

OK, some before & after pics of the minivan. Yes, headlight restoration has a limited life and then you have to do it again. I’m guessing that the better job you do, though, the longer it will last.

Here, the same basic shot from two different angles:

chrysler minivan headlight restoration - before and after - 1 - trimmed

Notice the Difference?

And another angle:

chrysler minivan headlight restoration - before and after - 2 - trimmed

Looking Good On The Right?

And here it is with both headlights restored and masking tape removed:

chrysler minivan headlight restoration - final - trimmed

The Finished Product


Headlight Restoration The EASY Way!


What You Need

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