Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Ford F150 Headlight Restoration The Easy Way – 3M Power Drill System

Clear Up, Remove Yellow From Older Headlights


Headlight Restoration The EASY Way!

A mechanic told me about the 3M headlight restoration system that uses a power drill after a friends 10 year old car got 1 new headlight after hitting a deer. The older headlight was TOTALLY mismatched then due to the yellow and “crust” buildup.

But then a day later I saw the car and both headlights matched!

I used a Turtle Wax headlight restoration system 2 years ago on our old Chrysler minivan and was not anxious to go through another 2 hours of hard work hand sanding for a modest improvement.

That experience, plus the different design of the Ford F150 headlights, made me wonder if the headlight restoration would work as well, if at all, on the Ford truck headlights.

Seeing this car changed my mind, though, about headlight restoration, and I had to find out what the body shop may have used. This mechanic suspected something like the 3M kit at NAPA for about $21, so I grabbed one. It uses a drill instead of hand sanding.

The results on our minivan, which again needed restoring – especially since I never really got “down to the shine” with the Turtle Wax hand sanding kit – were spectacular. And MUCH easier!

Naturally, I then headed to Amazon to see if I could get another kit there, and found it for only $15 (with free shipping) – 3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System

My Ford F150 Headlights – Yellow

The Ford truck headlights are totally different than a Chrysler van or car which you can see right into, but still I was unhappy about how yellow the lights appeared, and despite the age of the truck, I knew little things can REALLY make a difference in how a vehicle appears.

Restoring the headlights in the van not only dramatically improved the car’s appearance, but driving at night I saw a significant improvement in light on the road.

Pictures Do Not Show The Whole Story

A professional photographer I am not, so I was not able to truly capture the difference in “before” and “after” pictures, but hopefully you can see some difference:

ford f150 truck headlight before restoration

This is BEFORE, Yellow and "Old" Looking

ford f150 truck headlight after restoration

Here it is AFTER, Much "Whiter" Looking

Ford F150 Headlight Restoration - Drivers Side Done

Does This Show The Difference Better?


So Just How Easy Is 3M Headlight Restoration With A Drill?

I figured a short video would give you the feel for the process of doing headlight restoration – not just on an F150 but any headlight – with the 3M power drill system. Believe me, this beats the heck out of any hand sanding system.

You can probably find the 3M system at an auto parts store if you need it RIGHT NOW, but why not PAY LESS at Amazon?

Make your vehicle LOOK SHARPER and get more LIGHT ON THE ROAD at night. Restore those older headlights and make them look like new again.

3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System

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