Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Lexon Flip Alarm Clock – No Buttons, Easy To Read

No Doubt Whether Alarm Is On Or Off

lexon flip on-off alarm clock

Simple Operation, Many Colors To Choose From

How many times have you SWORN the alarm clock was on when it wasn’t? Never make that mistake again, nor should you have to put your reading glasses on to read it (for the most part).

The Lexon Flip Alarm Clock is offered in many colors, is easy to read the numbers of the current time and displays the alarm time in the lower right.

The key is that you turn it on and off by FLIPPING the whole thing over!

There in big letters on the top is the word “ON” or “OFF”. Pretty simple, eh?

I thought (as did Yahoo!) that this was a pretty cool last minute Christmas gift idea.

It’s not available for Amazon Prime shipping (30 day free trial here) but $2.95 is not too bad for shipping.

Flip Alarm Clock – Grey

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