Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Telescoping 10x Optical Zoom Lens and Tripod For iPhone

iPhone Lens For Better Photos

iphone 10x optical zoom and tripod

Telesoping Lens For iPhone

I thought this iPhone telescoping 10x Optical zoom lens and tripod for an iPhone was a pretty cool idea; which I saw on Yahoo! as a cool Christmas gadget.

Not too much to say about it, I don’t even have an iPhone, though all the girls in the family do.

This particular one fits the iPhone 4S but I suppose they have them for all models.

Etekcity Long Focal 10x Optical Zoom Telescoping Lens for Apple iPhone 4 4S Black (Include Universal Holder, Mini Tripod, Cleaning cloth, Black Bag and Case)

It’s one of those things that would make a great last minute Christmas gift and does not cost all that much.

Amazon is my preferred vendor; especially with Amazon Prime giving me (not only lots of free instant video) but 2 day shipping on most everything I buy.

You can try Amazon Prime Free for 30 days

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