Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Missing App Icon On Android Phone

The other night I fired up my Droid X Android based phone, went to the app screen to launch the Winds of Steel Demo game and theĀ  icon was missing from the app screen!

So I searched for it under the app market, found it, and it offered to launch the game – indicating that it was still installed.

I thought this was pretty strange since that was the only missing app icon, was not the last program I installed, nor was it the last on the app screen – although close.

The solution turned out to be powering the phone off and back on (reminiscent of Windows here – argh!) after which I also put an icon on the home screen. I figured why not, I use that app more than the phone!

So if you find you have a missing app icon on your Android phone, despair not, power off then back on and hopefully it will be back (and no others missing).

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